telecommunication trailer

Eurotrailer trailer



1.- Platform trailer

Lowered chassis, outer wheels
MAP 1500 kg
Payload 1000 kg
Chassis 3000×1250

2.- Support structure and tilting system

The superstructure anchored to the trailer allows the mast to tilt to be transported in a horizontal position, thus reducing the height of the trailer.

The tilting system is manual, which allows, using a pneumatic piston, a single person to mount the mast and place it in a vertical position.

Due to the height of the folded mast, the structure includes a ladder to access the top of the mast and be able to install antennas, sensors, cameras, etc.

The tilting system has a safety system that prevents the mast from rising until the mast is fully vertical.

The trailer includes 4 manual stabilizers for use on any type of terrain.

3.- Pneumatic telescopic mast

The mast can have an extended height of up to 30 meters, depending on the overhead load.
Being pneumatic, the mast does not collapse in case of problems but it descends gently without endangering operators or personnel near the trailer. An air mast by definition cannot descend abruptly even if the air hose is cut, because it has an air cushion inside. In addition, in extreme wind situations, the mast is flexible with which supports higher wind speeds, the mast would not split but lose air and descend slowly.

4.- Generator

Sized according to the energy needs of the equipment.
Normally 3 kVa

5.- Mast lifting compressor

FIRECO Air Compressor
Flow rate: 185l/min
Single-phase 230V-5,0 A powered by the generator
A security system Guardian can be installed as an option

Examples of realization