Surveillance trailer

Fully autonomous mobile UNIT



Surveillance trailers are fully autonomous mobile systems intended for remote monitoring of industrial sites, construction sites, residences or other private facilities.

The monitoring unit can work remotely. An incorporated Fireco pneumatic telescopic mast allows electronic equipment (cameras, router, antennas, etc.) to be hoisted 10 meters above the ground.

The trailer is equipped with a platform chassis with a 1000 kg axle, a parking brake and an aluminum body allowing the storage of all the equipment and accessories necessary for its proper functioning.

The unit is equipped with three photovoltaic solar panels that supply the batteries installed inside the trailer guaranteeing the power supply of the compressor, cameras, routers and other on-board electrical equipment.

The monitoring unit can be easily towed by a conventional vehicle equipped with a suitable towing device.

Our masts are used in many fields, and in particular in surveillance, as can be seen in the example in this video.


USL Trailer: Light Surveillance Unit

This USL trailer is composed of:
– Platform trailer.
– Mast of 9 meters.
– Gasoline generator.
– H.264 DVR recording system.
– Cameras: a PTZ dome camera and two fixed cameras with LED illumination.
– Wi-Fi network communication and 3G modem.
– Uninterrupted power supply system with 40 min of autonomy, screen, keyboard and mouse.

USHD Trailer: High Definition Surveillance Unit

It is an economical and quality solution. With interesting features, such as motion detection for fixed cameras, application for iphone, ipad or android as well as web client for PC, alarm notification by SMS or email. All in High Definition

The USHD is composed of:
– Platform trailer.
– Mast of 9 meters.
– Gasoline generator.
– 2 POE fixed cameras, day/night switched and 720P HD quality.
– 1 POE motorized camera, day/night switch and full HP 1080.
– 3 POE 220Vac injectors.
– 2 x 8-port Gigabit switches.
– 1 3G Wi-Fi Router.
– 1 digital DVR for 4 channels with 500GB capacity.
– 1 UPS Uninterrupted power supply system. 220Vac 7A/h.
– 1 PC screen for configuring the equipment in the field.


Examples of realization